Around Derwent Water

10.5 Miles

31st March 2017

Next to Strutta Wood... 

path along shoreline next to Strutta Wood


Recognising that this is a fairly busy area and route, I’m pleased to say that apart from the first couple of miles down the east shore, it was a very peaceful walk.  The terrain covered was better than I expected, with a full assortment of surfaces, and navigation was fairly simple. 

A highlight was, I think, at Barrow Bay, as I navigated through the trees along the submerged path, I rounded one tree to find myself within a few feet of a Cormorant sitting on a rock by the path.  I froze, it flinched.  We looked each other in the eye.  I thought ‘what’s the chances of me slowly getting my camera out of its case and getting a shot’.  Unfortunately it answered my question after a few intense moments, as it lifted its wings, hopped off the rock and skimmed off across the lake.  A great experience, photos or not.

Flooded path...


Reaching the path that leads to the Chinese Bridge, I discovered the effect of a topped up Derwent Water, as the path was submerged.  I dipped a toe.  Took a couple of steps.  Analysed the floor beneath.  Came to the conclusion that it was too deep for my boots.  My boots are high, but I think wellies still wouldn't have been enough.  Detour required.

I could see some dog walkers had used the bridge, and had taken the path south towards Newton Place, so was confident that was the way forward, although that did turn out to be rather damp, too.  While taking this route, I spotted a runner come over the Chinese Bridge and take the flooded path!  I can only assume that they either, didn't have far to go and didn't mind wet feet, were wearing a wetsuit, or were a fish.




The boardwalk after the bridge, across the wetlands, was welcome.  Progress had felt a little slow since Ladore Falls, so it was nice to get the pace up a couple of notches.  This photo showing the scene of my next walk, up top.





Abbot's Bay



The west shore was a much quieter affair, greeting only the occasional walker along the way.  Lots of beautiful woodland, complete with grazing Herdwicks.  The house at Abbot’s Bay - wow.  What a place to live!

Rain showers come and go.  Only heavy once.  Great views across the lake.


Then heading ‘inland’ for the final few miles, nice to get a shot of an obscured Skiddaw.


A thoroughly enjoyable afternoon’s walking.